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Green Bottle Blue Tarantula - Adult

Scientific name:

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

Category: Inverts

Care rating:Region: NorthAmerica

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for the Green Bottle Blue Tarantula is three times its legs span in both width and length and one leg span high to minimise risk to the tarantula. A day time temperature of 80-85F, a night time temperature of 65-70F, a klockor kopior misting twice a week and a suitably sized hide will accomodate a Green Bottle Blue Tarantula. *A very quick and aggressive tarantula.

Habitat: The Green Bottle Blue Tarantula can be found in the dry forests of Venezuela, South America.

Diet: The green Bottle Blue eats appropriatly sized crickets, locusts and various other invertebrates. omega replica watches

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available