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Green Basilisk or Plumed Basilisk

Scientific name:

Basiliscus Plumifrons

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: SouthAmerica

Care: An enclosure of 4'x18"x1' is the minimum recommended, plenty of branches and cover are required do reduce stress to the lizard. A day time temperature of 85-88F, a basking spot of 95-105F rolex replica and night time temperature 70-75F with a good daily spray of water will ensure good hydration and enclosure humidity. A large water dish is essential. *As with duiral (day dwelling) lizards full spectrum lighting is essential for the health of the Green Basilisk or Plumed Basilisk.

Habitat: The Green Basilisk or Plumed Basilisk is found in the tropical rainforest of South America. This lizard has also gained the name 'Jesus Lizard' due to its capability to run across water.

Diet: The Green Basilisk or Plumed Basilisk enjoys a varied diet of cricket, locusts, morioworms and as adults occasionally a baby mouse. Replica Watches

Caresheet: Click here to view caresheet