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Leopard Gecko

Scientific name:

Eublepharis Macularius

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: Asia

Care: An eclosure size of 2'x18"x1', plenty of hides, a day time 85F, a basking is not essential and a night time temperature of 75F. *Please remember that Leopard geckos are a nocturnal species and prefer to hunt at night.

Habitat: Leopard Geckos are a savanah dwelling lizard and being nocturnal will sleep through the high temperatures of the day. Humidity should be kept to a minimum but a humidity chamber will help with shedding.

Diet: Leopard Geckos enjoy a varied diet of crickets, locusts, mealworm, morioworms and as adults enjoy an occasional baby mouse.

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available