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Chinese Water Dragon

Scientific name:

physignathus cocincinus

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: Asia

Care: An enclosure size of 4'x18"x1' with a large water dish, a daytime temperature of 85F, basking spot of 95F, a night time temperature of 65-70F and a daily spray will accomodate a Chinese Water Dragon. *As with duiral (day dwelling) lizards full spectrum lighting is essential for the health of the Chinese Water Dragon.

Habitat: The Chinese water Dragon can be found in many forests of Asia usually dwelling near a constant large water supply big enough to swim through.

Diet: The Chinese water Dragon enjoys a varied diet of crickets. locusts, morioworm, mealworms and small vertabrates such as baby mice.replica watches omega replica breitling replica watches replica rolex watches

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available