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Blue Tail Skink

Scientific name:

Mabuya quinquetaeniata

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: Africa

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for a Blue Tail Skink is 2'1'18". An ambient day time temperature of 80-85F, a basking temperature of 90-95F, a night time temperature of 70F and a twice weekly misting will accomodate the Blue Tail Skink. A 5.0 UVB bulb replica horloges rolex and a humidity chamber must be supplied for the Blue Tail Skink to be happy and healthy.

Habitat: The Blue Tail Skink can be found all over North Eastern and South eastern Africa in many differnt types of habitat.

Diet: Appropriatly sized cricket and locusts and other small invertebrates.

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available