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Mexican Flame Knee (Juv)

Scientific name:

Brachypelma auratum

Category: Inverts

Care rating:Region: CentralAmerica

Care: The minimum reccomemned enclosure size for the Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula is three times its legspan in width and depth and one times its legspan high. A day time temperature of 80-85F, a night time temperature of 70-75F, a misting once to twice a week, good air circulation and a suitable substarte for borrowing will accomodate a Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula.

Habitat: As suggested in name the Mexican Flame Knee can be found in parts of Mexico and other parts of Central America. The Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula is a terrestrial, obligate burrower and can be found on dry grasslands to dry forest areas.

Diet: The Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula enjoys a varied diet of appropriatly sized crickets, locusts, waxworms, morioworms and other small invertebrates.replica watches rolex replica replica rolex

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available