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Albino African Clawed Frog

Scientific name:

Xenopus laevis

Category: Amphibians

Care rating:Region: Africa

Care: The Albino African Clawed frog requires a minimum of 6 inches of water. The African Clawed Frog is adapted to water temperature of 65-80F and requires still water otherwise stress is a definite side effect. The African Clawed Frog is entirely aquatic will only venture out from its hiding spot in search of food and air.2013 High End Swiss replica watches sale Outlet Online Store. Wholesale replica handbags & Bags, Designer Replica Handbags On Sale. 2013 Cheap Replica Handbags UK, Wholesale Handbags UK

Habitat: The African Clawed Frog can be found throughout Africa in stagnant water pools.

Diet: The African Clawed Frog enjoys a diet of live food and frozen bloodworm.

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