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Painted Reed Frog

Scientific name:

Hyperolius Marmoratus

Category: Amphibians

Care rating:Region: Africa

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for the Painted Reed Frog is 1'x6"x6" but a larger enclosure is appreciated. A day time temperature of 70-75F, a night time temperature of 60-65F, plenty of branches and foliage and a daily misting will accomodate a Painted Reed Frog.

Habitat: The

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Painted Redd Frog can be found in tropical Africa.

Diet: The Painted Reed Frog enjoys a varied diet of appropriatly sized crickets, locusts and other small invertebrates. 2013 High End Swiss replica watches Outlet Online Store. Wholesale replica handbags & Bags, Designer Replica Handbags On Sale. 2013 Cheap Replica Handbags UK, Wholesale Handbags UK

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