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Green Cat Snake

Scientific name:

Boiga Cyanea

Category: Snakes

Care rating:Region: Asia

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for the Green Cat Snake is 1'x2'x1'. An ambient day time temperature of 80-85F, and hot spot of 90-95F, a night time temperature of 70-75F, a misting twice a day and humid hides in the warm and cool area of the enclosure will accomodate a Green Cat Snake. *The Green Cat Snake is a rear fanged semi-venomous snake and only suitable for experience keepers*

Habitat: The Green Cat Snake ranges thoughout much of Asia including Thailand, Assam, Myanmar, Southern China and Indo-China within humid forests.

Diet: The Green Cat Snake will eat appropriatly sized rodents, lizards and even other snakes!!

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available