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Frilled Dragon

Scientific name:

Chlamydosaurus kingii

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: Asia

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for a Frilled Dragon is 4'x18"x1' but a much bigger enclosure is prefered. A day time temperature of 85F, a basking temperature of 95-105F, a night time temperature of 70-75F and a daily misting will accomodate a Frilled Dragon. *Frilled Dragons are diurnal (day active) lizards and full spectrum lighting is required.*

Habitat: The Frilled Dragon can be found in New Guinea and Austalia but most captive specimins are from Indonesia.

Diet: The Frlled Dragon eats appropriatly sized crickets, locusts, waxworms morio worms and other small invertebrates.

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available