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Bearded Dragons -red phase

Scientific name:

Pagona Vitticeps

Category: Lizards

Care rating:Region: Australasia

Care: The minimum recommended enclosure size for the Bearded Dragon is 3'x18"x1'. A day time temperature of 85F, a basking area of 95-105F, a night time temperature of 70-75F and a misting twice a week will accomodate a Bearded Dragon. *Bearded Dragons are a durnal (day active) lizard and require full spectrum lighting.

Habitat: The Beadred dragon can be found throughout Australia in a variety of habitats.

Diet: The Bearde Dragon enjoys a varied diet of appropriatly sized crickets, locusts, meal worms, morio worms, wax worms, other invertebrates and a mixture of various greens, fruit and vegetables. Rolex Replica Watches

Caresheet: No Caresheet Available