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The one-stop Exotic Pet Shop for all your exotic pet needs from reptiles to the more unusual mammals.

"Purchase a reptile and its first meal is on the house!"
With over 15 years experience, we pride ourselves on healthy well looked after animals. It started as a single Iguana, a wedding aniversary present for Nicky, and then grew into a large collection of snakes and lizards. Both Nicky and Mike have a fascination for the wierd and wonderful exotic pets that are around.

Mike worked in a Pet Shop for two years and then moved to become the manager of a local tropical fish importers. He fascinated Nicky with his knowledge of fish species. This was the beginning of Gills and Geckos.

Animal Encounters

Find out more about the fun and learning experience where you can interact with the animals and gain some interesting facts, click the banner below for more information.